christian-is-rad-as-heck asked:

If I were to get my nose pierced with a straight stud bar (I'm not sure of the actual term for it) once it's done healing would I be able to change it to a L shaped stud or are those two completely different piercings?

fyeahnoserings answered:

I don’t see why not, but to be sure, I would suggest submitting this question to the Piercing By AJ’s ask box. AJ wrote the vast majority of the FYNR FAQ section, and he’s a professional piercer with APP certification.

This is LITERALLY one of the dumbest shit ive ever seen…..nose jewelry is nose jewelry???? Once a piercing is healed anything the right gauge works?????? Like a nose stud is a NOSE stud for a nose piercing regardless of the way the bar goes???? Wtfff. People.